A DREAM OF POE An Infinity Emerged CD

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Format: CD, DigiCD
Release Date: 19.10.2015
Country: Purtugal
Genre: Gothic Doom Death

The new album by Portuguese band A Dream of Poe presents the evolution of the band musical style from gothic doom metal through melodic doom death to traditional form of doom metal, with its solemn riffs, tragic clean vocals and epic guitar solos. «An Infinity Emerged» is a continuation of the previous album «The Mirror of Deliverance». The sound of the album became more dense as compared to the previous work and reached a new level of the recording quality, which allows to better feel for the work of the musicians and plunge into the atmosphere of the album. Five long tracks, with an average duration of 11 minutes, reflect the evolution of a character, defeated just after gaining consciousness that the practical side of things is always harder than the theoretical side and that all is knowledge of the world didn't prepare him for the experience. Symbolically, the album is a process of destruction, as the initial stage of the renovation process (which corresponds to the symbolism of the card "Tower" from the Tarot deck), so the themes of death, murder, and the constant reference to water as a symbol of change are essential for «An Infinity Emerged». The album features Kostas Panagiotou (Pantheist, Clouds, Wijlen Wij) who performed keyboards.
The first 100 copies of the album are issued as a strictly limited digipack!

1. Egregore
2. Lethargus
3. The Isle Of Cinder
4. Lighthouses For The Dead
5. Macula