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Joint release of Satanath Records/ Silent Time Noise Records and More Hate Productions: the new album by the mysterious French funeral doom metal project Abysmal Growls Of Despair! The one-man project of Hangsvart is the embodiment of human insanity, the child of grief and despair, the world haunted by Lovecraft's creatures and full of Beckett's magic words! The music of the project is a pure funeral doom metal turning into drone/ambient from time to time. During the 68 minutes of album length the listener will be wrapped up in the atmosphere of horror and impending evil. The dark power emanating from these raw and kind of neglectfully recorded guitar lines, from monotonous low-frequency buzzing and vibrations of keyboards suddenly turning into a pure neo-classical music create a solid soundscape of darkness, mysticism and the deepest despair! CD-version comes with 3 special bonus-tracks!

Release date: 23.01.2015 | Format: (CD) | Genre: Funeral/ Drone Doom Metal