AGGRESSIVE Predators' Arrival CD

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Inspired by the old glories of 80's thrash metal, the colombian band AGGRESSIVE is banging every head in town. Corrosive, fast and with unstoppable energy, the guys are debuting with amazing songs like Metal Head Case, Corrosive Entertainment and White Empire’s Greed, among others. There are 8 guillotine-cuts influenced by the Bay Area sound, which will surely behead more than a fanatic. Lovers of Vio-lence, Overkill and Nuclear Assault won't hesitate about worshiping this band as the new gods of the New Wave of Thrash Metal (NWOTM) phenomenon now days.

01. Intro - Of Exploiter and Proletarian (6:28)
02. Corrosive Entertainment (5:23)
03. Unbalanced Architect (4:54)
04. Predators' Arrival (4:01)
05. Idiosyncrasy (4:49)
06. The Metal Head Case (6:07)
07. White Empire's Greed (4:59)
08. Brainless State (3:32)