ANARCHUS Defenders of Freedom and Democracy Digi cardboard CD

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Anarchus ‎– Defenders Of Freedom And Democracy
Label:Diablos Recs. ‎– none
Format:CD, gatefold cardboard
Style:Grindcore, Death Metal
1 Lifes / The Other Victims
2 Silenced Voices
3 Democratic Dictatorship
4 Defenders Of Freedom And Democracy
5 Imperial Nightmare
6 Everybody's Guilt Not Ours
7 Rewriting The History
8 War Is Peace
9 Plundering The World
10 We Are All Foreigners
distribution :
USA - get pissed stay pissed records
MEXICO - cadaver prods
BRAZIL - old grindered days recs
BELGIUM - bloody lips records
SPAIN - hecatomb recs
CZECH REP - bizrre leprous records
GERMANY - power it up
SWEDEN - riot punx prod
JAPAN - obliteration recs