ASTROFAES Dying Emotions Domain Digi CD

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Title: Dying Emotions Domain

Format: CD

Country: Ukraine

Genre: Black Metal

Record Label: Negative Existence

The debut album of the superlative Ukrainian black metal group, ASTROFAES, now available again remastered and presented as a luxurious digipack with new art.

Throughout these years ASTROFAES have bound themselves to the concept of the resurrection of the Spirit Of Slavonic Lands and pride, honor and blood of their ancestors.

Each and every song on "Dying Emotions Domain" is filled with the atmosphere of natures might and the mystery of the everlasting Universe. Thick and heavy guitars and melodic keyboards effectively concoct black metal laced with progression and originality with the direct influence from the old sound.

"Dying Emotions Domain" contains 8 tracks and clocks in at over 40 minutes.


1. The Black Woods Theory 01:36
2. Fiery Mysticism 09:10
3. At Nightfall 04:34
4. Path To Burning Space 05:02
5. Necromantical Screams 04:54
6. Ad Infinitum (Dark II) 08:10
7. Dying Emotions Domain 06:32
8. A Song of the Night Birds 01:18

Total playing time: 41:16