AUT MORI Pervaja Sleza Oseni CD

Основная цена: 200,00 руб

Format: CD
Release Date: 29.10.2012
Country: Russia
Genre: Gothic Doom Metal

The debut full-length album of Aut Mori will become another discovery for fans of gothic doom metal in the vein of Draconian. Here melodic guitars are embracing transparent keyboards giving life to autumn breath, while female vocals tragically follow male growls and romantic spleen is flowing with the first cold rain. It is enough to hear "The First Tear of Autumn" and let the first drop of the autumn rain to hit you palm as the world will show you its different side, slightly sad, but enchanting and beautiful. The album is prepared with assistance of . Jerry Torstensson (Draconian) who recorded drum parties, and mastered sound at the DeadDogFarmStudio (Sweden). The album features artwork by Roman Kamin (Revelations of Rain, Wine FromTears, Tribute To Thergothon).

1. Pervaja Sleza Oseni
2. Moja Pesnja – Tishina
3. Nebo
4. Prowaj
5. Moj Vechnyj Dozhd'
6. Zhdi
7. Jelegija Bezmjatezhnosti
8. Na Scene Osen'