BLOOD I BLEED Gods out of Monsters CD

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Title: Gods out of Monsters
Format: CD
Country: Holland
Genre: Grind / Fastcore/Thrash

Product description:
The long-awaited first full length by the Dutch high-speed maniacs BLOOD I BLEED is here. The guys, whose members made up 3/4 of the legendary MY MINDS MINE line-up, deliver unrelenting hyper-fastcore/grind that is raw as a crusty snot stain on a filthy flannel shirt. Capturing the rage and speed in the studio was obviously more important to these veterans of grind than getting a clean, polished performance, and that makes "Gods Out of Monsters" so much the better. There isn't a whole lot of variation here; they've just focused on intensity and lots of it. The album contains 23 songs and even features an ENEMY SOIL cover to boot. It's all go, no slow!
If you dig HELLNATION, HERESY and INTENSE DEGREE then this is for you. Don't let it get away!

1. Talk shit and spit blood
2. Supervillain bullseye
3. Insensible we are
4. Never give in
5. God fear
6. What cows like to chew
7. Scenepool is closed
8. The moral slide
9. Selfcentered freedom
10. Not my cup of tea
11. Gods out of monsters
12. Pent up rage
13. The fists are formed
14. Blame it on the boogy
15. Lost to us orever
16. The strike , the fury
17. High rank on the popularity poll
18. Bomb the Hague
19. Lost
20. Bumpersticker analysis
21. Faceless
22. Monomania
23. Theorising utopia