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Основная цена: 450,00 руб

POZILGA (ex-MAXIMATOSIS)(sp) /Crust noise grind
O.B.N.I. (sp)/ Crust grind
MALIGNANT TUMOUR (cz ) Brutal grind elements hardcore
(Only 500 copies)

Tracks 1-32 by Pozilga
Tracks 33-41 by O.B.N.I.
Tracks 42-83 by Malignant Tumour

1. Intro
2. La Crisis De Satan
3. Incontrolable Proliferacion De Pus
4. En La Camara De Al Tortura (Mixomatosis Cover)
5. Ama El Mundo
6. Los Gritos De Dolor
7. Silencio
8. OT
9. Tu Sufres (Napalm Death Cover)
10. Perturbacion
11. Tabu

12. Ventriculo
13. Lo Mismo De Siempre
14. Crudo Pero Realidad
15. Vomita O Taga
16. Shit
17. Cosmetics Of Death (Violent Headache Cover)
18. Tu Sufres 2 (Napalm Death Cover)
19. Oingoingoing
20. Aaaaaaaaaaaaa
21. Craneo Terraqueo Brutalmente Apaleado
22. Nosotros Somos Pozilga
23. Odio La Pachanga
24. Impactis TV
25. Los Gritos De Dolor 2
26. No Rezaras
27. R.I.P. Tu Mente Cerrada
28. Pelele
29. S.R.S.M.
30. Ooooorrrgggttt
31. Un Hijo En Nigeria (Mixomatosis Cover)
32. Monsenor Ruperez
33. I Hate You
34. Dead Cops
35. Sol I Amb Por
36. Hasta Al Final
37. A Rising's Farm
38. Abrazo Mortal
39. Where's The Difference
40. Aquete Que Toque!!
41. Outro
42. Chemical And Bacterial Analysis Of Cadaver
43. Putrefaction Decomposition (In The Coffin)
44. Regressive Metamorphosis In The Parenchyma

45. Putrefaction Decomposition
46. Parasitical Cyst
47. Disease Of Oral Cavities
48. Fuck Off
49. Ingrowing Of The Alien Things In The Body
50. Anal Sushi (Gut Cover)
51. Necrosis
52. Hypermenorrhoea
53. Pathological Fracture
54. Endocarditis Streptococcia Acuta
55. Affection Of Outlet Urinary Ways
56. A Start At Least (Agathocles Cover)
57. Lyssa
58. Grind Gut-Wrenching
59. Desensitized (Regurgitate Cover)
60. Acute Haemorrhagical Necrosis Of Pancreas
61. Lymphogranuloma Venerum
62. Herpes Labialis
63. Nature Warning
64. This Filth Stinks
65. Killing For Profit
66. Choice
67. Build Bridges, Not Walls
68. Mc Donaldization
69. My Enemy (Rot Cover)
70. Grind Core God
71. Mc Donaldization
72. Up Your Fucking Arse
73. And Man Make The End
74. Fuck The N.A.T.O.!!!
75. No Voices In The Sky (Motorhead Cover)
76. Get To Attack
77. Nature's Warning For Human Extinction
78. Destroy
79. Shit Heil
80. Everlasting Penetration
81. And Man Make The End
82. Mercenaries Of War
83. Katjusia