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The limited first pressing is released as a digipak including the "Behind the veil" bonus DVD!

More info:
It's now two decades after their birth in Norway and ENSLAVED's latest album, RIITIIR, will once again surprise even those who are familiar with their non-linear development. The band's sound – complete with castanets (!) this time around - is more than ever their own; the underlying thoughts and influencing events more deeply engaged. RIITIIR embodies a lot more of what has come to be known as ENSLAVED: indefinable and grandiose, honest and unearthly, dark, harsh, and beautiful. ...Read more

CD 1
Track list Total runtime
1 - Thoughts Like Hammers 9:30
2 - Death In The Eyes Of Dawn 8:17
3 - Veilburner 6:45
4 - Roots Of The Mountain 9:16
5 - Riitiir 5:26
6 - Materal 7:48
7 - Storm Of Memories 8:58
8 - Forsaken 11:15

CD 2
Track list Total runtime
1 - Beyond The Veil... The making of "Riitiir" 51:10