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Storming out of the mean streets of Sydney in a haze of blood, sweat and a shit load of beers comes Fuck Oath with their intense, head-stomping debut EP for Grindhead Records. Featuring members of some of Sydney's best past and present death, grind and punk bands including Bludgeoner, Taipan, Beer Corpse and Roadside Burial.

Fuck Oath are an amalgamation of like minded individuals with a mission to deliver straight up, honest, no nonsense approach to grinding, thrashing punk. Fully armed with a nasty punk as fuck attitude these four crazy cross-over junkies have hit the nail on the head. Stampeding along with eleven brain-haemorrhaging tracks of furiously-fast cross-over crammed with classic sing-a-longs like Hit & Run, Co-Ed Killer, Jesus Slut and Beers Are On. Fuck Oath explode with tonnes of catchy buzzsaw riffs combined with pummelling bass chops, relentless drumming and the raw and gritty vocals all bringing to mind the iconic old school styles of SOD, Napalm Death and DRI.

These self proclaimed "beercore" bastards are flying the flag of party thrash high and mighty,keen on creating furious havoc wherever they go, not to mention sucking all the kegs dry. If you dig Venomous Concept, Negative Approach, Napalm Death and Municipal Waste then 'ave a go ya mugs' and grab a copy today.