GODFLESH Love and hate in dub CD

Основная цена: 400,00 руб

Singularly the most brutal Godflesh release ever. Laid to waste the original songs from "Love and Hate" with a deconstructive and destructive bombast that flexed it's muscles upon the ever shifting electronic undercurrents and hip-hop samples. Harsh, frightening, a trial. Can you get through it in one sitting?

1. Circle of Shit [To the Point Dub]
2. Wake [Break Mix]
3. Almost Heaven [Closer Mix]
4. Gift from Heaven [Breakbeat]
5. Frail [Now Broken]
6. Sterile Prophet [Version]
7. Almost Heaven [Helldub]
8. Kingdom Come [Version]
9. Time, Death and
Wastefulness [In Dub]
10. Sterile Prophet [In Dub]
11. Domain
12. Gift from Heaven