HOUR OF PENANCE Pageantry For Martyrs CD

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TITLE: Pageantry For Martyrs
CAT. #: XM 029 CD
FORMAT: CD [43:45]
GENRE: Brutal Death Metal
RELEASED: 06.2005

01. Towards Our Storm
02. Shreds Of Martyr
03. End Of Relief
04. Celebrating Collective Terror
05. Far Beyond Humiliation
06. Life In A Pain Amplifier
07. Exiled Innocence
08. Naked Knife Absolution
09. Deranged Parasites
10. Egomanisch

After their impressive debut "Disturbance" in 2003 where HOUR OF PENANCE took the underground Death Metal scene by storm with their sheer intensity and tight brutality, now comes the perfect follow up in form of a truly killer masterpiece!!

"Pageantry For Martyrs" is the band's sophomore release which shows even tighter and more brutal compositions supported by an incredible production. Obviously inlfuenced by acts like HATE ETERNAL & NILE, these italian bastards delivers an album that gathers the best elements from both bands and add what's now becoming their own sound.

This album will definitely crate a well deserved place in the scene for this awesome band!! Just listen and die!!