MASSGRAV Napalm over Stureplan CD

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Описание Artist: MASSGRAV Title: Napalm Over Stureplan Label: Everydayhate Format: CD Country: Sweden Genre: Punk / Fastcore/Thrash Product description: Sweden’s MASSGRAV play the most furious, pissed off, ass kicking Scandi-thrash around. 27 songs of a non-stop barrage of ripping guitars, crazed drumming, and seething vocals. You haven't heard anything this pissed off since RAW POWER’s "Scream From The Gutter" LP, and that is saying something! Any fan of MOB 47, KRIGSHOT, ANTI CIMEX, and PROTEST BENGT will completely freak out when they hear this CD. It is only January but anyone with a fucking clue will know that the MASSGRAV Napalm Över Stureplan CD will be one of 2005’s best releases! CD includes the amazing "Hatfylld och Nerpissad" EP. Since SOUND POLLUTION is no longer around, this is reissue by Everydayhate!