MEANS OF CONTROL Cena zbawienia CD

Основная цена: 300,00 руб

Long awaited new material of this long running Polish band playing since 1992! The second full length includes 13 songs of fierce grindcore influenced by classic bands of the genre like early NAPALM DEATH, TERRORIZER, DEFECATION, RIGHTEOUS PIGS. Mixed and mastered by Arkadiusz "Malta" Malczewski (BEHEMOTH, AZARATH, DECAPITATED).

1. Intro
2. Nie warto
3. Chleba i igrzysk
4. Animal liberation
5. Władza absolutna
6. Ratuj
7. Gorszy sort
8. Robactwo
9. Lider
11. Co z tego
12. 161
13. Cena zbawienia