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1.Apnea 05:11
2.. 02:50
3.Addio alla luce 03:43
4.Non è Vivo 03:22
5.Di vita e altri veleni 02:45
6.Contemplando 02:14
7.Creatori nascosti 04:04
8.Il grande freddo 03:57
9.L'inizio 02:21
released 25 June 2012

O is eternal return. O is an absolute sign. O is atavistic. O is everything and the denial of everything. O is 5 lives set to music. O are born in 2010. Mix of sounds that can be both annihilating and meditative and can explore all the extreme kind of musical sub-cultures, like post metal, grind, black metal and all the styles which flow through our veins like psychedelic music, noise rock, sludge and industrial... Cvm Patientia. O
All songs recorded, mixed and mastered by Riccardo "Paso" Pasini at Studio73 - Italy in five days of december 2011.
All musics by O, all lyrics by S.
Translation in english by Simo "Pete The Ripper".
All artworks are based on a 1800 photographic plate founded in a French flea market.
Photographic development by Clémentine. Design by M.
tags: metal grindcore Italy