UNITED MIND CLUB World Blood History CD

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UNITED MIND CLUB "World Blood History" /CD/

Amazing debut full-length album of Dark Symphonic Industrial/Thrash Metal band from Russia.
Mix Megadeth with a bit of Rammstein and some Rob Zombie and you'll get a pretty good picture of where to find United Mind Club.
CD comes with 12- pages bookleet and nice pit-art.
Metal Scrap Records, 2012 (MSR029/CD)

1.When you were still alive 01:54
2.B.B.B.P. 04:05
3.Dreams of Luther 04:48 
4.Jaguar 05:31 
5.Its just bleeding 04:31
6.Interview with the beast 03:40
7.For nobody but me 04:24
8.World Blood of History 05:41 
Total playing time: 34:34