ABSCESSION Grave Offerings LP

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Genre: Swedish Death Metal


Swedish death metal act Abscession unleash their long awaited album ‘Grave Offerings’. The previous demo tape, ‘Death Incarnate’ quickly sold out and garnered much praise. ‘Grave Offerings’ includes ten tracks of pure swedeath mayhem, no compromise!

Mastered by Dan Swanö .

Cover Artist: Mattias Frisk

Mastering: Dan Swanö

Label: Final Gate Records

Labelcode: FGR 013 (Vinyl)

Releasedate: Vinyl LP


01 Where Sleeping Gods Dwell

02 Gargoyle

03 In my Coffin

04 Cabin 13

05 Blowtorch Blues

06 Freshly Dug Graves

07 Plague Bearer

08 The Ruiner

09 Engorged with Gore

10 Downfall pt. 1