BRUTAL TRUTH goodbye cruel world 3LP+TS+BAG limited

3,200.00 руб.

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more then ten years after its original release,
this long time sold out recordings will never be forgotten.
so now, on its first time appearance on vinyl, this item will match everything:
pressed on three 12′ records on 180 gram heavy black vinyl,
boxed in a 300 gram heavy double fold out cover and wrapped in plastic foil.
with completely new cover and layout design,
done by luis sendon (e.g. nashgul, macabre, xaros, obscene extreme and lots of others)

the here offered version is the DIE HARD edition:
strictly limited to 73 handnumbered copies only.
so the 3-lp vinyl what is stated above will come together with an exclusive shirt
and is boxed together in an extra old logo printed record bag.
the t-shirt brand is fruit of the loom.
if you’re interested to order the DIE HARD edition, please let me know your favourite size L

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Live At The Annandale Hotel, Sydney, Australia (August 1998)
A1 Intro / Dementia
A2 K.A.P.
A3 Choice Of A New Generation
A4 Birth Of Ignorance
A5 Stench Of Profit
A6 Walking Corpse
A7 Sympathy Kiss
A8 Pork Farm
B1 Jemenez Cricket
B2 Repeat At Length
Written-By – S.O.B.*
B3 Media Blitz
Written-By – The Germs*
B4 Fucktoy
B5 Ill-Neglect
B6 Kill Trend Suicide
B7 Cornucopia
Written-By – Black Sabbath
B8 Godplayer
C1 I Killed My Family
Written-By – YDI
C2 Time
C3 Denial Of Existence
C4 Hippie Cult
Written-By – Agathocles
C5 Callous
Live At Club Quattro, Tokyo, Japan (February 12, 1998)
C6 Dethroned Emperor
Written-By – Celtic Frost
Live At The Corner Hotel, Melbourne, Australia (1998 Or 1996)
D1 Telly
Vocals – Bucky
Live At The Powerstation In Auckland, New Zealand (September 18, 1998)
D2 Blind Leading The Blind
D3 Pass Some Down
D4 Vision
D5 Fisting
D6 Die Laughing
D7 Let’s Go To War
D8 Zombie
D9 Homesick
D10 Everflow
D11 Dead Smart
Live At Club Quattro, Tokyo, Japan (February 12, 1998)
D12 Soft Mind
Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom Bonus Tracks
E1 No Sleep
E2 Hippie Cult
Written-By – Agathocles
E3 Cybergod
Written-By – Nausea (2)
E4 Cornucopia
Kill Trend Suicide Bonus Track
E5 Born To Die
Written-By – M.D.C.*
Split 12′ With Boredoms
E6 Bubblebop Shop
Drums – Scott Lewis
Written-By – Boredoms
E7 Boredoms Cover #2
Drums – Scott Lewis
Written-By – Boredoms
WFMU New Jersey, USA (August 29, 1996)
E8 Foolish Bastard
Live At Club Quattro, Tokyo, Japan (February 12, 1998)
F1 It’s After The End Of The World
Written-By – Sun Ra
F2 Callous
F3 Average People
Live At Muse Hall, Kyoto, Japan (February 13, 1998)
F4 Black Door Mine
Live At On Air West, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan (February 16, 1998)
F5 Promise
Live At Club Quattro, Tokyo, Japan (February 20, 1995)
F6 Bite The Hand
F7 Collateral Damage
Bonus Tracks
F8 Humanity’s Folly
F9 Painted Clowns
F10 Judgement
Companies, etc.
Licensed From – Relapse Records
Pressed By – GZ Digital Media – 93787E
Recorded At – The Annandale Hotel
Recorded At – Club Quattro, Tokyo
Recorded At – Muse Hall
Recorded At – On Air West
Layout, Design – Luis Sendon*