CORPSE WORSHIP Horror Chronicles CD

400.00 руб.


CORPSE WORSHIP Horror Chronicles CD COY 232-21
1-Doom Bell-(First Chapter)
2-Monastery Ruins
3-City Of Eternal Gloom
5-Cadaver Fanaticism
6-Cemetery Angel
8-Chorus Of The Damned-(Last Chapter)

releases February 1, 2021

New Old School Swedish Death Metal project from cold and dark Russia named Corpse Worship Founded by Anatoly Chebotar (ex Barbarity,Mortifer) with some members (Trigger) Artem Mozhaev and Ramin Dragar!

Coyote Records presents debut album «Horror Chronicles» by CORPSE WORSHIP – project under the guidance of legendary Russian drummer Anatoly Chebotar (BARBRITY, MORTIFER)! This full-length was made for those metalheads in whose musical veins flows the hot Northern blood and for fans of classical Scandinavian death metal like DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED, DESULTORY, CENTINEX