DATURA The Amplitudes Of Pacificacion CD

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DATURA The Amplitudes Of Pacificacion CD COY 190-18 New Full Length Album Ukrainian Brutal death Masters ! 8 Songs Of Pure Blasting Madness With Inhuman Growls And Ruthless Aggression !

Coyote records presents! Main product of Donbas Brutal Syndicate! Another milestone in the history of DATURA has been fucked through! New album, The Amplitudes Of Pacification Fresh black holes will have enough to devour. All traditions have been followed !

For fans: Deeds Of Flesh, Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Suffocation, Internal Bleeding


1. Everywhere

2. Eternity Fucking Infinity

3. Sincerity


5. At All Times

6. Destructive Signs Of Degeneration

7. Collective Behavior Of Devices

8. The Amplitude Of The Meet