ENCEPHALIC Brutality And Depravity CD

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ENCEPHALIC ‎– Brutality And Depravity
Label:Sevared Records ‎– SR-377
Format:CD, Album
Country:USA & Europe
Style:Death Metal
1 Supreme Being [Harold Shipman] 3:07
2 The Butcher Of Rostov [Andrei Chikalito] 3:06
3 White Glove Killer [Charles Manson] 2:56
4 The Headhunter [Ed Kemper] 4:01
5 The Arch Criminal Of Modern History [H.H. Holmes] 4:26
6 The Law Of God [Ted Bundy] 4:16
7 The Letters Of Sam [David Berkowitz] 3:16
8 Morbid Sadism [Fred & Rose West] 3:53
9 The Beggar Murderer [Fco García Escalero] 3:45
10 For Sheer Pleasure [Donald Henry Gaskins] 3:18
«Brutality and Depravity» is a concept album, dealing with serial killers, their lives, their atrocities, their dementia, their illness, rapes, mutilations, cannibalism, possessions, torture, sadism and depravity. United in a sick and twisted album of pure Brutal Death Metal from the South Coast of Spain.