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Gruesome Stuff Relish – Last Men In Gore
Лейбл: Iron Matron Records – IMR 008
Формат: Пластинки, LP, Album, Compilation, Deluxe Edition, Smoked red vinyl
Страна: Spain
Дата релиза: 2023
Стиль: Grindcore, Goregrind
A1 Zombie Creeping Flesh (Savage Flesh Eaters II)
A2 Broken Gravestones
A3 Last Men Alive
A4 One More Victim
A5 Walk Among The Living
A6 Don’t Feel Shame
A7 Green Inferno
A8 Swamp Carnage
A9 Throwin’ Up The Sickness
A10 Wild Borneo
A11 (They Are) The Rot Crew
A12 Mondo Freaky II (Jvn’s Revenge)
A13 El Duce Inn Massacre
A14 I Can Hear Their Squeak
A15 It’ll Be The End
B1 Stone Knives
B2 Teenage Giallo Grind
B3 Crawling Death
B4 All They Need Is Blood
B5 Cannibalistic Bloodfeast
B6 Mondo Freaky
B7 Soft Dead Skin
B8 The Bite Of The Zombie
B9 Naked And Wide-Eyed
B10 Redneck Apocalypse
B11 Lunch Time
B12 Somewhere At An Altar
B13 King Of Psychos
B14 I Relish The Gruesome Stuff
B15 Eaten Alive
B16 They Are Everywhere
B17 Exhumed Stuff
B18 Let’s Kill Somebody Tonight
B19 Meat Is Murder!!
B20 Zombie Wizard
B21 Savage Flesh Eaters
Tracks A1-A2 & B1-B3 are exclusive tracks to this release recorded and mixed in early 2003 at X Recording Studios.
Tracks A3-A15 are from the Last Men Alive session recorded and mixed January 2001 at Dirty Recording.
Tracks B4-B21 are from the split with Brutality Reigns Supreme (Brothers In Gore: The Ultimate Gore Grind Assault) recorded and mixed April 2000 at Dirty Recording.

Issued in gatefold, die cut, red toned sleeve.
Red smoked 140 gr. vinyl.