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1.Reborn to die twice 00:56

2.Tears of strangers are only water 00:23

3.Pornographers of violence 00:57

4.Celestial incest 01:48

5.Demons over demons 00:54

6.Revelation six 00:05

7.Please tom selleck drive me to hell 02:36

8.Baptized in reverse 01:28

9.Anders Suhm 01:03

10.Putrefiction 03:27

11.The one who knocks at your door 03:06

12.12. The size of the horn 00:34

13.We who fuck the darkness 00:49

14.The glorious way to become ashes 01:19

15.I’ll be back in five minutes with john titor 01:44

16.Abyss obsessed 00:44

17.In the beard of satan 01:02

18.Redemption in slowmotion 01:22

19.The sound of you dying 01:12


Hungry Like Rakovitz was formed by guitarist Enrico back in 2003/2004

Take inspiration for their name from a weed-addict cannibal called Daniel Rakowitz (changing the W with a V). During the first years the line-up change almost every week except for Enrico. A demo with L.G. Lorusso (ex-Ephel Duath) on vocals was recorded and released in 2005.The band still underwent several changes in line-up until the end of 2008, finally ending up with a solid group of musicians: Enrico (guitar), Tiziano (drums), Simone (bass) and Rubens (vocals). In 2009 they release their debut EP (later considered as the first album), ‘HolymosH’. In Spring 2010 HLR leave for their Grind & Grimness Tour over France and North Italy. In 2011 they released ‘Evil Opus’ a 7inch split with O. Both works were co-produced by a lot of italian/european’s underground labels. In june 2012 the band records the new album ‘The Cross is Not Enough’. Recorded at Studio73 by Riccardo ‘Paso’ Pasini (Ephel Duath, The Secret, The End Of 6000 Years, Sunpocrisy). The Album will be released in February 2013 through Blasphemy World Wide Records, Shove and Grindpromotion.


released 02 March 2013