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S.C.A.T. / Pigtails ‎– Desire Of Ugliness To Live Artistically / Young And Curious
Label:Base Record Production ‎– BRP 160
Format:CD, Album
Released:Jun 2019
Style:Goregrind, Pornogrind
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1 –S.C.A.T. The Entertainer, Skit1, Intro
2 –S.C.A.T. Person With A Toilet Bowl
3 –S.C.A.T. The Entertainer, Skit2
4 –S.C.A.T. Faka Aka Hurricane
5 –S.C.A.T. The Entertainer, Skit3
6 –S.C.A.T. Grumpy Mole
7 –S.C.A.T. The Entertainer, Skit4
8 –S.C.A.T. Happy Milkman
9 –S.C.A.T. The Entertainer, Skit5
10 –S.C.A.T. Epileptic Scum Party
11 –S.C.A.T. The Entertainer, Skit6
12 –S.C.A.T. Zhuzha
13 –S.C.A.T. The Entertainer, Skit7
14 –S.C.A.T. Hyperdildo Of Engineer Tochiloff
15 –S.C.A.T. The Entertainer, Skit, Outro
16 –S.C.A.T. Puta
Music By – Pigtails
17 –Pigtails Jóvenes Y Putas (Son Como Nos Gustan)
18 –Pigtails Ella 15 Y Nosotros 36
19 –Pigtails Conalep (Criadero Oficial Nacional De Adolescentes Locas Excitadas Y Putas)
20 –Pigtails Aida Cortes, You Star So Young, So Curious, So Nasty And So Beautiful
21 –Pigtails Young And Curious
22 –Pigtails Barely Legal Sex, With Barely Legal Teens
23 –Pigtails Leslie Palma