SPERMBLOODSHIT Obliteration From Beyond CD

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SPERMBLOODSHIT Obliteration From Beyond CD
It COY 164-16 Grindcore
Prepare yourselves for the return of SpermBloodShit!
After three years since “The Tourette’s Syndrome”, the Italian grinders are ready to deliver their new album “OBLITERATION FROM BEYOND”, a concept inspired by the Master of Horror John Carpenter!
Get ready for the fastest, heaviest and more blasting SBS experience ever!
01. Outpost #31
02. The Sub-Zero Menace
03. From Imitation To Infection
04. Trust No One
05. Purification By Fire
06. The Anti-God Awakens
07. Pre-Biotic Fluid
08. The Chosen One
09. Demonic Possession
10. The Mirror
11. The Feeding
12. Hobb’s End Horror
13. Homecoming
14. A Rotten Way To End It