ANAL GRIND Chronic Pornoholic CD

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COY 110-12 Third Album Belarussian Porno Gore Grind Maniacs

Sick and perverted Porn GoreGrind! Venereal illnesses, perversions, the sea of gore and total porn-fun. You gonna be fucked up!!!


2.Menstrual fetish

3.Latina face fucking

4.Cock for hot dog

5.Hell’s balls

6.Scat wars

7.Multi-vaginal organism

8.Scat carnival

9.Aunt cunt

10.General perversation


12.Dicks and chicks

13.Chronic perversity

14.Spermoholic slutfest

15.Imbecile sexual operation

16.Throat sperm-load

17.Anal auto de fe

18.Compulsory cunnilingus

19.Nun cunt expansion