DATURA The Amplitudes Of Pacificacion PRO-TAPE

400.00 руб.


Pre-Order — Sent after 1 april !
Re-release of 4 classic DATURA albums in TAPE format in Slipcase!
All albums with many bonus tracks!!!
Release date April 10, 2021!
COY TAPE 18-21 The Amplitudes Of Pacificacion Limited 50 cop.

aleksandr — bass
dimas — drums, vocals
bob — guitars

recorded and mixed at poligraph records studio
and shaitan — durman rec in 2017
produced by datura, all songs by datura
cover art by sofenin a, computer design by sahbor he doer
bonus tracks 9-17 taken from «Ultrabasic Breed» split 2019

1. Everywhere
2. Eternity Fucking Infinity
3. Sincerity
4. 13
5. At All Times
6. Destructive Signs of Degeneration
7. Collective Behavior of Devices
8. The Amplitude of the Meet

9. Ultrabasic Breed
10. Hypertrophic Sodom
11. Intentional Manslaughter
(Dying fetus cover)
12. The Amplitude Of The Meet
13. Dio 93
(Steam Hammer Cover)
14. From Womb To Waste
(dying fetus cover)
15. Carnivorous Ways
(Deed Of Flesh cover)
16. Dominate
(Morbid Angel Cover)
17. Processing The Bollocks