GOREPOT Fermenting the Chiba Seeds CD

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Gorepot ‎– Fermenting The Chiba Seeds
Label:Brutal Mind
Format:CD, Reissue
Released:14 Feb 2020
Style:Slam Death
1 Let The Good Times Roll
2 Shit Stained Maxi Pad
3 Procasterbating Hitler Porn
4 Gay Cum Tunnel
5 Chocolate Pain
6 Queerland Is The New Disney
7 Like Our Page On Facebook
8 Freestyle Cockriding
9 Brown Carded And Yellow Listed
10 Two-Man Tea Party
11 Virgin Quick Dicking
12 Sexual Gnome Emancipation
13 Blow It Before You Put It In, Like A Nintendo Cartridge
14 Lesbians In Rome Are A Pair Of Ceasars